How is AWS diagnosed?

If you're experiencing symptoms like the ones described for AWS, make an appointment with your doctor.
You and your doctor can review your symptoms and any related concerns.

There isn't any one test that can help diagnose AWS.
Your doctor may be able to make a diagnosis by ruling out other possible causes or explanations for your symptoms.

To do this, your doctor may perform:

MRI scan
An MRI can produce highly detailed images of your organs and tissues, including the brain. Read more
Electroencephalography (EEG)
An EEG can measure the electrical activity of the brain. Read more
Blood tests
Your doctor can rule out or diagnose viruses or infections that could be causing AWS symptoms, such as EBV.

AWS may be underdiagnosed. This is because the episodes - which often last only a few seconds or minutes - may not rise to a level of concern for people experiencing them. This is especially true with young children.

The fleeting nature of the episodes can also make it difficult for doctors to study AWS and better understand its effects.